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Triaid Adaptive Tricycle

This is a special order item. Please call us for current availability and pricing.

We are glad to be able to arrange set-up and delivery for you on any of Triaid's special needs trikes. For the most current info CLICK HERE to go to the Rifton website. The Imp is designed with younger children in mind. Suitable for children from 2-½ years. It has a low gear ratio for easy pedaling, 12-½" wheels, and smaller handlebars for those smaller fingers and hands. The Terrier is a rugged tricycle for children from 4-½ years, this model has 16" wheels and a caliper brake with a parking brake mechanism. The TMX is a robust tricycle for older children. It is fitted with 20" wheels and has a caliper brake with parking brake feature. Suitable from 8 years old. The Tracker 20" is a popular choice for larger children and teenagers. Any other questions? Contact us for pricing and/or delivery information.
Summit Cycling Products 3-Wheel 24
$499.99 - $599.99
Your first trike was tons of fun. Now, you can relive those childhood memories with the Summit trike, a trike made for "big kids." Whether you're hauling kid gear, hitting up the local farmers market, giving Fido a lift, or just looking for more stability, the Summit is here to help you get the job done while having fun. The Summit trike Includes heavy duty full fenders with a spacious rear basket. A wide comfort spring saddle adds to the list plus 24" alloy rims all around with a coaster brake pedal system (pedal backwards to brake) as well as a front linear pull brake with parking lever. 250 lb. capacity, 45 lb. basket limit
IZIP Tristar 3-Speed
With superb stability, the IZIP Tristar 3-speed is ready for your next adventure. The 24” wheel in the front and the two 20” rear wheels keep the Tristar 3-speed stable enough to ride around town yet narrow enough to fit through an exterior door for easy storage. Your clothing will stay clean and dry thanks to the front fender and the chain guard. A lock on the front brake makes parking easy. The IZIP Comfort Tractor Saddle keeps the ride smooth and enjoyable. Whether you are taking a spin around the neighborhood, to the grocery store, or to the local park for a picnic, the Tristar 3-speed will get you there in style.
Rifton Adaptive Tricycle
$1,030.00 - $1,980.00

This is a special order item. Please Contact Mike (608) 752-7676 for more info and current availability and pricing.

Price shown does NOT include seat (except on size large trike), handlebar or back support. Prices and color are valid as of Nov 2020. Please ask to verify price. Most of us have fond memories of childhood bike rides. At Rifton we believe everyone deserves the chance to ride, especially someone with physical disabilities. And thankfully, even insurers and other funding sources are beginning to recognize that for a person with disabilities, a trike is far more than merely recreational; an adaptive tricycle is often medically necessary for someone who cannot walk independently or who sits for long hours in a wheelchair.
$1,559.99 - $1,749.99

This is a special order item. Please call us for current availability and pricing.

The Team Dual Trike is perfect all riders, from physically challenged/companion situations, to the stylish retirees and resort rental fleets. The SINGLE SPEED with Coaster and Drum Brakes Side By Side Team Dual Trike (1 Speed) SBST-HB is equipped with dual Coaster (foot) brakes and a front Drum Brake. The SBST-3CB-HB (3 Speed) trike with dual coaster brake (foot) and front Drum Brake features 3 gears that allow each rider to choose the speed (gear) that is right for them. Thickly padded and Super Comfortable High Back Captain's shown are standard equipment. Optional Swivel Down Armrests (shown) are highly recommended for added support and comfort The Side by Side Team Dual Trike is fun, functional and built to last. NEW---NEW---NEW 5 SPEED Side By Side Team Dual Trike SBST-5CB-HB (5 Speed) with dual coaster brake (foot) and front Drum Brake. 5 gears allow each rider to choose the speed (gear) that is right for them. Thickly padded and Super Comfortable High Back Captain's shown are standard equipment. Optional Swivel Down Armrests (shown)are highly recommended for added support and comfort. The Side by Side Team Dual Trike is fun, functional and built to last. Ships 99% fully assembled via truck (handlebar, stem and seats must be adjusted and tightened , reflectors and basket must be attached. *Please Note* - Worksman builds these units in the USA to order and we have experienced wait time of between 6 and 8 weeks! (Shown is 3 speed version racing red, optional swivel-down armrests, optional white wall tires, and megahorn.) Please contact us for possible shipping costs and availability: Send Email
Surly Big Fat Dummy
The Big Fat Dummy is a long tail cargo bike that took a few too many doses of growth hormones. At first glance, you might say that Surly just put bigger tires on a Big Dummy. But if you said that, you'd actually be very wrong so just… don't. Think of Big Fat Dummy as more of a second or third cousin to Big Dummy rather than a brother. They share some of the same DNA and look sort of similar, but they're two very different bikes and really only interact when they both reach for the potato salad spoon at that family reunion that no one really wants to be at anyway. Now that that's out of the way, let's get down to the nitty gritty of what makes this hulking beast of a bike tick. Surly's goal with designing a cargo bike around fat tires was to create the most stable, stiff, and traction-laden ride possible while hauling a ton of stuff. Big Fat Dummy has a longer toptube and slacker headtube than its more svelt cousin giving it a nice, predictable, and stable ride. They also used thinner, lighter tubing to construct its cargo area so while it's an overall burlier bike, there's not much difference in weight. Big Fat Dummy accepts either 10mm or 12mm axles in the rear with a spacing of 190/197mm. That big ol' spacing equates to one thing: tire clearance for days. Big Fat Dummy maxes out at a massive 26 x 5.25" tire.* While that large of a tire provides the most traction and stability a bike can possibly offer, it's also a lot of rubber to push and might not be for everybody. Luckily, Big Fat Dummy is also a blast to ride with 3" tires too. It uses the same 100mm suspension-corrected fork as the Wednesday, meaning if you want to add a little squishy squishy to your ride, you can throw a Bluto on and let ‘er rip. If you intend to carry a passenger on your Big Fat Dummy, Surly requires use of their Dummy Rail Collars. These provide a secondary retention system for the rack, as well as stiffen the rack system. In addition, a stoker handlebar set up, found on tandem bicycles, is recommended as well. Make sure to check with seat post manufacturer for stoker handlebar compatibility. All Big Fat Dummy framesets and bikes ship with a Dummy deck, rails, bags, and the aforementioned Dummy Rail Collars so you can immediately start hauling cargo — human or otherwise. Big Fat Dummy is ready and willing to carry all sorts of crap — literally. It's already in use on an organic farm in Ecuador so it's likely that it's hauled some form of manure by now. *Using a 26 x 5.25" tire will cause some drivetrain limitations.
 Duet Wheelchair Bicycle Tandem
$4,750.00 - $8,750.00

This is a special order item. Please call us for current availability and pricing.

The DUET Wheelchair Bicycle Tandem has been around for 20+ years in North America. Our experienced staff is dedicated to help you pick the right model Duet for you and your loved one to get you outside and start enjoying the out doors like never before! The DUET accommodates "kids" from ages 2 to 99+ and all sizes from 20 to 275 pounds! The DUET is offered in 3 models. Each are colorfully designed and combined the latest in cycle technology with advanced wheelchair design enabling easy and comfortable pedaling to ensure maximum maneuverability with minimum effort. The wheelchair's low center of gravity provides superior weight distribution and overall stability. The DUET wheelchair seat supports the back in a natural position and aids in passenger relaxation. Most importantly, the cyclist can easily communicate and supervise the wheelchair passenger while facing forward. It’s the exhilaration of the wind brushing by your face as friends and family ride together. Once you’ve reached your destination the wheelchair disconnects and can be used independently! You’ll see smiles everywhere your go on The DUET! Let’s get you outside today. Contact us and ask for Mike to get all the details! 608-752-7676 ext. 1
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