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Winter Challenge Rules

 Challenge Period 

January 1st, 2024 @ 12:00:01 am (morning) 

Ends: February 29th, 2024 @ 11:59:59 pm 

(first 2 months of 2024)


Requirements – Participants will need to have (or create) an account on the Janesville Velo Club’s app website, must be current Janesville Velo Club members, and accept the terms of the Janesville Velo Club Waiver and Release of Liability. A $100 minimum donation (or soliciting $100 in pledges) towards the fundraiser is suggested.



Rides (Days & Miles) must be tracked, must be submitted within 7 days of riding, and must be between January 1st and the last day of February. Miles ridden by participants competing for points in the Outdoor option must be outdoors in our cold-weather region of the upper Midwest (preferably within 100 miles of Janesville, WI). Rides are submitted through the rider’s ‘Dashboard’ by using the ‘ADD AN ACTIVITY’ feature on the Janesville Velo Club’s app website.

           Days - Participants will automatically receive credit for riding 1 day whenever the participant submits a ride of at least five miles. Participants will only receive credit for 1 Day during a 24-hour period. The 24-hour period starts at 12:00 midnight and ends 24-hours later at 12:00 midnight. Participants must track their ‘activities’ (Days) in this manner.

           Miles - Participants must submit the number of miles ridden each day of the challenge period within 7 days of their ride. Miles are submitted through the rider’s ‘Dashboard’ by using the ‘ADD AN ACTIVITY’ feature on the Janesville Velo Club’s app website.

           Funds – Riders will automatically receive credit for the funds they have earned when donors make pledges or donations in a specific rider’s name and then whenever the sponsored riders submit their daily ride info. Participants will only earn funds points if they have solicited pledges or donations.


At the end of the challenge, participants who have placed in the top 10 in any of the Outdoor/Indoor Points categories will be awarded points that correlate to their final place in that category (see ‘Days Miles Funds’ table below). The points participants earn in each Outdoor or Indoor Challenge category will be added together to determine each participant’s Total Points for the Outdoor or Indoor Challenge competitions. More Total points = Higher place in the Final Standings

 Riders who do not raise at least $25 for the fundraiser will not be listed in the Final Standings.  

Outdoor Challenge Example: 

           Outdoor Rider #1 finishes 1st in ‘Days’, 4th in ‘Miles’ and 3rd in ‘Funds’

                1st place ‘Days’ = 10 points, 4th place ‘Miles’ = 7 points, 3rd place 'Funds’ = 8 points

                10+7+8=25 ‘Total’ points.

           Outdoor Rider #2 finishes 4th in ‘Days’ and 2nd in ‘Miles’ and 1st in ‘Funds’

                4th place ‘Days’ = 7 points, 2nd place ‘Miles’ = 9 points, 1st place 'Funds’ = 10 points

                7+9+10=26 ‘Total’ points.

           Outdoor Result: Outdoor Rider #2 is ahead of Outdoor Rider #1 in the standings 

                 26 points vs. 25 points

Riders who place outside the top ten in both categories will not have any points and therefore may not be listed in the Final Standings. 

Note: Standings are updated as results are submitted. Since participants have 7 days to submit rides, current standings may not accurately reflect your actual position until after the Challenge period has ended (ends 2/29/24). 

Prize - The winner’s only prize will be the respect of the other participants. 


There may be instances when two (or more) participants have the same number of ‘Days’, ‘Miles’, or 'Funds' (tied for a position’s points). When two or more participants are tied for a place in the standings, the available points will be added together and then divided by the number of participants who are tied. 

           Example: Rider #1, Rider #2, and Rider #3 have all ridden every day and are therefore tied for 1st place in ‘Days’ (1st = 10 points). Since there are three riders, they are also tied for 2nd place (9 points), and 3rd place (8 points). To determine the points awarded to each rider, 10 (1st place points), 9 (2nd place points), and 8 (3rd place points) would be added together (10+9+8=27 points) and then divided by 3 (the number of riders tied for the position). The net result is that each rider would be awarded 9 points (27 divided by 3) for their ‘Days’ position.

Disclaimer (thinking about cheating?)

Why? There are no prizes to win. Obviously, you will only be cheating yourself. Unfortunately, circumstances that were not foreseen may occur. The Challenge Organizer reserves the right to make rule adjustments when necessary. Rulings made by the Challenge Organizer are final. Any participant found to be competing outside the spirit of this challenge will be disqualified. 


Good luck! Ride safe!