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Rockport Park and Palmer Park (The Pump) Mountain Bike Trail Conditions

Please read the info below BEFORE you ride

Please respect your fellow park users and also those who have worked hard not only to ensure continued trail access, but also maintain and expand the trails you enjoy by acting responsibly. Always use good judgement, be in control, and stay off the trails if it is raining, or the ground is wet, or there are any other factors making it inappropriate to ride the trails (like when this page says "the trails are CLOSED").

If you’re considering riding the off-road trails in Janesville and have concerns that the info on this page may not be up to date, please call the Kettle Moraine hotline (262.594.6202) and also check Cam-Rock's status at the Mad City Dirt website before heading to our mountain bike trails.  If other trails in our area are closed, then it’s best to also stay off the mountain bike trails in Janesville.

There are factors at the Pump (especially with the jump lines) that are different from Rockport that often necessitate a longer or partial closure of the Pump’s trails when compared to Rockport. Those factors include:

  • Less tree coverage protecting the soil
  • A wider trail surface catching and funneling water
  • Jump lines need to have firm landings, and be clear of hazards such as fallen trees or dangerous ruts 

Opening the trails prematurely is not only dangerous, but also has the potential to cost time and money that could be otherwise used to improve our trails.