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Closeout Bikes!

Please Read: While the bikes on this list may be particularly appealing because of their lower prices, please make sure that you are aware of the "category" of bike that you are looking at. Consider what type of riding you will be doing and whether comfort or efficiency is more paramount, and buy accordingly!

Hybrid Bikes are our largest selling category of bikes. Ideal for city and trail riding, including Wisconsin's popular crushed limestone trails, even this category offers 2 versions: Fitness hybrids (Trek FX, Giant Escape, Liv Alight) embrace a faster, lower geometry with their flatter handlebar design and skinnier tires. Comfort hybrids (Trek Verve, Giant Cypress, Liv Flourish) offer a more upright geometry (often with a further adjustable stem so that you can dial in your comfort), a suspension seat post and a wider seat and tires for an even softer ride.  

Mountain Bikes (Trek Marlin, Giant ATX & Talon, Liv Bliss and others) are usually built for off-road or rougher trail riding considering the front suspension fork. While they can certainly be ridden on city streets and bike paths, they generally stretch the rider out a bit and only have moderate handlebar height. Ideal for someone who would like to ride off-road at times, such as fire-roads or camping trails.

Dual Sport Bikes (Trek DS, Giant Roam, Liv Rove) are bikes designed for those who may ride both pavement trails and the occasional off-road trail. Equipped with 29" mid-size semi-knobby tires, they can also be equipped with smoother, skinnier tires for faster on-road riding. As with mountain bikes, these offer a front shocks and a lower riding position. While the suspension fork is a great feature, if you never go off-road, then the weight penalty of the fork may come into play.

Momentum Vida E+ Mid-Step
$2,499.99 - $2,699.99 $2,699.99 Up to 7% Off
It’s just like riding a bike—but even more fun. The Vida E+ features our SyncDrive Life motor, which gives you a natural-feeling boost of electric power to help you ride farther and faster with less effort. It’s the perfect way to explore the city, feel the wind on your face, and put a kick into your fitness routine. The frame is designed with a comfortable upright rider position, which gives it a confident, easygoing ride quality. The Giant E-bike app makes it easy to access navigation functions, fitness info, and support modes. Internal Geared Hub The VIDA E+ features an integrated internal geared hub for worry-free shifting. Integrated Battery The in-tube battery design with 250W mid-frame motor can be charged separately or directly through a waterproof port on the frame. Premium Chainguard Premium Tubular Chainguard protects those expensive jeans with premium style.
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