Our Television Commercials

Making commercials for our store is really fun! It's amazing how many people mention to me that they've seen our commercials. Some of them are just your ordinary 'educate them about the shop' type of commercials. Others are a bit more one off. Check 'em out:

Click on the images to watch!

Our first Burton commercial was the type that either you loved or you hated. There was no in-between. As one lady told us "I can't stand having to wait until the end to see the rider, but then every time it comes on, I stand there and watch it!" I guess the commercial worked!

This is our Winter 2002 TV commercial. It featured all our lines of products as well as some of the folks working at our store.


This is our 2004 Burton commercial. Another innovative product
from the geniuses at the most progressive rider-owned
snowboard company in the industry!

This was our 2005 fall commercial. It was shot with the intention of having the effect of a movie trailer. We ran them at the Rock and the Movies 10 theatres in Janesville.

Our newest, and probably my favorite,
Burton commercial so far. It's called Viewmaster - watch it and you'll see why.


We're at it again! Here's our brand new
2009 - 2010 Burton commercial!