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Our Nov - Dec 2014 billboard

This ad ran in the late fall through the winter of 2003-4.


Obviously an ad designed for the holiday season. It was done primarily to make potential customers aware of our treadmills and snowboard selection. 

This ad was designed to make people aware of our treadmills.

Direct and to the point. However, on the road we felt the logo was too small and looked a bit "washed out" prompting us to use our redesigned logo in larger format and different colors.  

Part of our 2005-6 campaign. Hopefully direct and straight to the point in what we carry and do.  

Keeping it in the family. We ran this winter ad featuring our snowboarding daughter, Gretchen. 

For 2006 we wanted to emphazise elliptical machines, since most people that know we sell machines, already know that we sell treadmills and exercise bikes.


A little revision was done to our classic snowboard sign. Computer colorization changed our rider's jacket color, but we did not care for the rider being up-side down, so this board ran with these colors but Hans was back right-side up!
Our 2010-2011 Fitness Equipment Design

Our 2010-2011 Snowboards Design