Dear Rider:

With the colder temps upon us and knowing “winter is coming” (Game of Thrones reference), I hope you are considering how to make next season better than the last. This is my invitation for you to join me, as I will again be instructing the Michael’s Cycles winter training program.


The training program is a scientifically based, power program. The program will be individually tailored to your personal fitness and strength. Every minute of training will be targeted to your personal fitness level.

In the beginning, we will spend a couple of weeks getting familiar with your trainer, computer and power measurement. In December we have an on the bike test to determine your training zones. After a few weeks of good training and with the new year upon us, we will start ramping up intensity and volume all the way to the conclusion of the program at the end of February. We use a variety of efforts to maximize results from our time spent training indoors. Torture Tuesdays will include short high effort intervals to build your VO2 max. Thursdays will often be low cadence / big gear efforts, building leg strength. Saturdays will be longer aerobic intervals, increasing your (you guessed it) aerobic capacity.

After measuring your power in December’s test, I will set up your training zones, enabling you to repeat the correct training zone (intensity) required during an interval. The best way to consistently repeat the power output (intensity) of your effort is with a power meter. If you have one that’s great, if not, we have other ways to measure power. The next best way to measure is to have a speed sensor on your rear wheel. By measuring speed you will be able to consistently repeat and hold the intensity of your effort. Another way to measure your power and intensity is by knowing the appropriate gear to use during an interval. Just put it in the right gear and go! We will establish the correct gear for you in the power test. Heart rate measurement is another key way to measure workout intensity. However, because there is always a lag in heart rate response, especially on shorter efforts, we will often need to rely on previously mentioned methods.

Classes start November 6th and will run every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (except holidays). Tuesday and Thursday classes start at 5:30 and will run about 60 minutes. Saturdays will start at 9:30 and last from 60-100 minutes, depending upon our objective that day.

As a special offer, we are offering our lowest ever price of only $299 for the entire season! Bring your bike in and leave it on the trainer all winter. Monthly and daily memberships are available, but season pass holders will be given preference. Space is limited to 18 participants.

To reserve your spot call Michael’s Cycles at: (608) 752-7676  ext. 1.

 If you are looking for a way to make next year’s biking season better than ever… come and join me and your other friends in the Michael’s Cycles training room this winter.


Ken Pearson