The trail is ready for you to ride to Afton!

Below content as of May 23, 2018
Thank you city and county workers, as well as members of the Rock Trail coalition that were involved in finishing the trail from the water treatment plant to Afton! Gravel was laid on this newly made trail a couple of years ago, and limestone “fines” were placed down last fall, making the trail usable for most bikes. If you’re used to the trail surface of the Sugar River Trail or the many other great state trails that Wisconsin offers, this trail is similar.

Beginning of the new section

Viewing south from the water treatment plant.

Get out there and ride!

The trail will become smoother as more users start riding on it!

Entering Afton

Once you get into Afton, the trail veers over to Afton Road. Continue south on this road until you cross the creek then east on W. Bass Creek Road. You can always make a stop at the Bass Creek Cafe!

Even more work has been done!

Again, members of the Rock Trail coalition were active last year in creating a new section of trail in the quest to join the Janesville and Beloit trail systems. Gravel has been placed on this section, but is not yet as smooth as the section from Janesville to Afton.

Beginning of the even newer section!

Looking south from the corner of Bass Creek and Dugan roads.

Twin Oaks!

A portion of the trail goes right between 2 beautiful Oak trees

Onto Townline Road

Eventually the trail crosses over to the west side of Dugan road and current;y extends to Townline Road. Hopefully more to come soon!

Janesville Bicycle Trail Info

Stop by the leisure services division or at Michael's Cycles for a copy of the Rock County Trail Map which includes our Janesville section.