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Trek Precision Fit

Mrs. C.S.

Hi Ryan, I just wanted to let you know I finally got out on my Trek yesterday. It was very comfortable and I noticed several differences: my elbows weren't bent so much, my heel angle was less, and my back seemed straighter. I didn't keep 'hiking' myself back on the seat all the time and had none of the tailbone pain. It was a beautiful day and a very good 15 mile ride. I'll try to get out again soon. If things continue this way, I'll definitely take my Trek to Florida in December. ?? I'll let you know if I run into any problems or discomfort. Thanks so much for your expertise and help in making the fitting process enjoyable, and for informing me of the reasons for all the changes. I enjoyed our conversation about other things too. 

Mr. C.W.

As you may recall, I had knee problems last fall, which is why I was so interested in getting a fitting.  I did do physical therapy, which helped some, but I've not kept it up at a pace that I consider sufficient.  

However, after a hundred or so miles (30 was the longest) on the Domane, I have ZERO knee pain.  I honestly think the fitting is the reason, but I think the pedals also help keep me from 'cheating' and getting wide in my stance, ultimately helping my knee.  It's all theory, but the point is I think the fitting and your advice was money well spent.  thank you again!  

Going out on the Trek 6000 mountain bike this weekend.  I will attempt to set it up, using a tape measure as best I can, to be close to the Domane.  If I have pain, I will know it's the bike / pedal combo.  

Have a great summer!