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Rent our Serfas Bike Cases (SBC)

We have (2) Serfas rental bike cases available for airline travel. Cases can be rented for $50 a week.

Tried and true, the SBC has been protecting bikes since 1997

  • Two heavy duty casters for easy mobility
  • Sturdy Polyethylene Shell
  • 4 Stainless Steel locking latches for extra security
  • Includes 3 foam layers
  • Fits Most 29ers
  • Internal size: 44"X27"X9.75"
  • External size: 47"X30"X11"
  • Weight: 31lbs

The Serfas Bike Case is a smart choice for travel with your favorite bicycle. Not only is the strong Polyethylene shell going to protect your bike, but this case is tried and true since 1999. The locking latches are critical for keeping your rig safe and the bad guys out.

Bike Case Instructions