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Facility is:

  • Conveniently located at Michael’s Cycles
  • 1,000 square feet of space that accommodates class sizes up to 18 people
  • A state-of-the-art indoor training center for all of your cycling needs

Class Schedule

  • Tuesday November 5 -March 7, 2020 
  • Tuesday & Thursday, 5:45pm, in the saddle and riding!
  • Saturday, 9:30am, in the saddle and riding!
  • Tuesday & Thursday classes will be 60-minute sessions, Saturdays are scheduled to last 60-100 minutes depending on class objective for that day

The facility’s equipment includes:

  • 18 trainers featuring the CycleOps Super Magneto Pro trainers. You will ride your bike on our trainers. FREE storage and lubing for your bike is included for season pass holders.
  • A plasma TV and surround sound audio
  • Changing areas 


  • Use your bike on our trainers. *NOTE: Your bike must be equipped with a steel quick-release (not aluminum) rear skewer. Available for purchase - $10
  • This will be a fun, friendly, and inspiring atmosphere with:
  • Group sessions to help keep you motivated
  • Cycling classes designed to meet your individual goals
  • Individual heart-rate and/or power zone training to prepare you for the spring cycling season

             Coach Ken's 2019-2020 Welcome letter


(Fall 2019- Spring 2020)

Cycling Classes (Class size up to 18 people)
Please bring your heart rate monitors!

  • $349.99 (new, lower price!) for the season (Nov-March) 1st choice of availability
  • $129.99 (new, lower price!) per month (12 sessions - subject to availability)
  • $18 per class (subject to availability)

Bicycle storage (optional)

  • Included with season & monthly passes, otherwise $25 per month
  • Season pass storage includes trainer installation and removal, and chain lubing as needed