Frozen Fools Foto Folio

Hey Fools and Fool-Watchers! Send your pics in (use the E-mail Us link at the top of our pages and just attach your pics) and we will post them for the whole world to see!

Photos Courtesy of Doug T.


 Bob, Larry & Ed at the Polar Bike Ride, Jan. 1, 2008

 Bill Checking Out His Single Speed In Preparation of the Ride


 Larry, Ed, Randy & Jeff Ready to Go


The human body is not the only thing that is challenged during the Frozen Fool's event. Check out these pictures of our participants trusty steeds after a wonderful wintry ride!

Photos courtesy of Doug Thorp

Larry R., Janet S., Bob S., Ed Z., Randy F.

Jeff C.

Larry R., Brian S., Janet S., Bob S.
Sean M.